Nick Burri - 100 games


The Monash Blues Football Club would like to congratulate Nick Burri on reaching the 100 game milestone this week against AJAX. Nick began his career with the Monash Blues in the high potential Under 19s teams of 2010 and 2011. In those formative years, he made his name as a dashing backman – earning Forrest as a nickname after running the length of the Frearson Oval with the ball to screams of “Run Forrest, Run”, only to scrub the kick out of bounds on the full. This is a tactic Forrest still uses 100 games later.

After being one of the few players to make it through the “Juddy Years” relatively unscathed, Forrest has been a rock in the Reserves backline ever since. Over the years, Forrest regularly blankets the opposition’s best forward while still managing to use his pace to attack. This is despite at times, looking more like Kepler Bradley than Dustin Fletcher. It’s this combination of attack and defence that means Forrest is one of the first magnets on the Reserves’ board every week.

Never one to miss a function, Forrest is also a fantastic and loyal clubman. Guys like him are what make the Ashes such a great club, on and off the field. Congratulations on the milestone, Forrest – 100 games is a fantastic achievement. Here’s to many more dashes off the backline at the Frearson oval as you continue your illustrious career at the Monash Blues, hopefully for many years to come.