Joe Griffiths - 100 Games


Big congratulations to the Yakman himself, Joe “Mappa” Griffiths, as he lines up for his 100th game for the Monash Blues this weekend against our old nemesis, Old Haileybury.

Since Mappa joined the club as a fresh fluro V-neck wearing U19s player, this coconut milk drinking law student turned chippy has been a stand out performer for Monash both on and off the field. Mappa has spent most of his career in the senior midfield and forward line, bringing a unique energy and hunger for the contest that has been crucial to the 1s success over the years.

Naturally gifted with thighs the size of two Clyde Palmers and a head thicker than the Chapman brothers combined, Mappa has utilized his strong build by bringing intensity, physicality, unrelenting pressure and the ability to gut run like no other. In addition to these impressive physical attributes, he is also known to kick the ball and occasionally mark the ball. Incredible.

There are very few around the club that are aware of how much effort Mappa puts into his strength and conditioning. A former national cross-country runner, old Thunder Thighs Griffiths loves going the extra mile both metaphorically and literally. From doing a 4km run before a game to legitimately conducting his own altitude training in the Himalayas during the 2015 preseason, Joey froths at being cherry ripe for the Blues.

The effort and dedication Mappa has invested throughout his seven seasons at Monash is evident in the several awards he has racked up, winning Best First Year, Coaches Award, Best Team Man and Most Dedicated.

Thank you Mappa for all you’ve given to the club. We wish you all the best for your 100th game!

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