Monash Blues are extremely excited to partner with Slade Group as their Premier Partner for 2018.

    Founded in 1967, over the last 50 years Slade Group has built and maintained its reputation as an Australian leader in recruitment and HR services.

    Their service and culture is based on strong values:

    - Respect for colleagues, clients and candidate
    - Pride in all striving for excellence
    - Motivated by quality and commercial success
    - Being Genuine in all interactions.

    Slade are recognised for their deep understanding and skills in HR consulting and recruiting across clearly defined clusters of professions and sectors:

    Accounting, Banking & Finance
    Consumer, Sport & Entertainment
    Digital, Marketing & IT
    Education & Government
    Healthcare & Not-for-Profit
    Professional & Office Support
    Technical & Operations

    In all these Slade work for both Permanent and Temporary (Contract) appointments.


    Monash University was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1958.

    Monash are a youthful organisation, enthusiastic, optimistic and accessible. Monash believe quality education and research can change the world for the better.


    MCF supports clubs & associations in accessing a range of financial, insurance and legal services for their members.

    The model gives you an opportunity to review, without cost or obligation, any of your existing arrangements for services such as Home Loans, Business Loans, Life & Income Protection Insurance, Business Insurance, Legal & Conveyancing with the view of driving more optimal outcomes for you or your business.

    The club receives a financial benefit in return.

    You can find out more information about MCF at www.myclubfirst.com.au (and parent company MCP Group) and whether there are any opportunities for you to review any of the above services that you may use personally or within your business.