Nick Petering or the unfortunate nickname of “Peto” (which raises a few eyebrows each week amongst the opposition crowd) has been as consistent and loyal servant to the club as they come. A perennial senior player, Petering came to club as a skinny, mid-sized forward from Horsham who had knack for kicking multiple bags of goals. He’s now developed into a versatile footballer that causes nightmares for opposition defenders.

One current player said he “arrived as an inconsistent sheep dog and now gets a kick”, eradicating that sheep-dog perception through hard-work and consistently good footy. There has been nothing “sheep dog” about his big games, kicking important goals and taking crucial marks to become one of the first picked in any Blues senior side. Well liked amongst his coaches and peers despite his recent trend of completing his own warm-up routine, due to his stature he is among the rare few that can get away with warming up away from the main group.

A crowd favourite, the distinct “yeah” when he kicks a goal is one of the better sounds in footy. “Put someone tall on him and he’ll burn you on the ground, put someone fast and small on him and he’ll beat you overhead,” is the common saying overheard regarding his attributes from over the fence. In 2018 due to the need for midfield reinforcement, he’s made the move into the club’s engine room fitting in seamlessly with his burst of speed, clean hands and silky skills.

Peto is a great contributor on and off field for the club and has played an instrumental part in the club success in recent years and hopefully well into the future. 100 games is a significant achievement, well done Peto!

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