Rami Shenouda - 150 Games


Rami “Doc Choc”/“My, My” Shenouda is set to play his 150th game for the Monash Blues this weekend against AJAX. Rami has been a Monash Blues stalwart since making his debut many moons ago in 2008 and captaining a very strong Under 19s side early in his career. He has since contributed to the success of many Monash sides over the years. He is also now a Monash Blues premiership player, snagging a flag as an integral member of the Fourth’s side in 2018.

Rami is the ultimate dedicated clubman, and can be relied upon regularly to play games after 12 hour night shifts or while being on call to hospitals over the years. Rami’s medical skills have also come in handy at the club, often being called off the ground to assess disclosed fingers and broken noses mid-game.

The famous number 33 has been a major part of the Monash Blues for many years, providing drive off the half back flank and wing with exquisite foot skills. Congratulations on your long and successful career with the Blues so far Rami. Here’s to a few more years and a few more flags yet.

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