Daniel Heap, “Heapy” as he is infamously known will this Friday night play his 100th game for the Monash Blues. After making his debut in 2012 after a glittering soccer career for Shepparton SC, Heapy has been a loyal and committed clubman – as evidenced in recent years with his efforts to come down from Bendigo for match day, trainings and club functions. Heapy also ensures he remains in the frame for selection by keeping fit, particularly by ensuring he is photographed in every fun run he participates in.

Heapy quickly achieved notoriety around the club for his ability to talk to anyone about anything (and often nothing) so much so that the hill alongside the Frearson boundary was named Heapy’s Hill. On matchdays Heapy demonstrates his dedication to continuous improvement for the team by providing regular input during the coach’s address, and can be relied upon for a jovial post-match yarn dissecting the games events and various perceived in-game burns from teammates.

On the field Daniel is known to skirt the outside where he can best use his pace and knack for a cheeky goal, regularly finding himself amongst the best players. In 2018 Heapy achieved the ultimate success winning a 4ths grand final alongside many club legends after another consistent season. We wish Heapy good luck this Friday and thank him for all of his efforts around the club. Well done Daniel and all the best.

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