Tom Waters - 100 games

11 SEP 2015 | BY LES ARGEN

Congratulations to Tom ‘Spaghetti Arms’ Waters on 100 MAGNIFICENT games for Monash! It’s been a huge week of milestones for Tom, with his 100th game coming exactly one week after him laying his first ever career tackle.

Tom started his illustrious career back in 2008 as a crucial part to the highly successful U19s side, who were only just being pipped in the grand final in an otherwise undefeated year. Starting his career as a (very) outside wingman, he has recently transformed himself into a reliable defender, who has an unparalleled ability to ward off opponents and find space on the football field (Maso has a similar ability to create space whenever he steps onto a dance floor).

Tommy is one of a select few Monash players to have featured in votes for the thirds, seconds and firsts – all in the same year, eventually coming out on top to win the 2010 seconds B&F. And while his on-field commitment can’t be questioned, his off-field contributions have been just as impressive, having played a huge role in some of the largest, and most female friendly events, ever seen at the Blues.

After taking a few years hiatus to travel the world, it is great to see him back into a pair of Monash shorts for the 100th time! Good on you Tommy! Get around him, and the rest of the team this weekend against PEGS!!